One Mile Creek Watershed Plan

The FOMC has advocated the need for a Watershed Plan for One Mile Creek in order to comprehensively address the variety of issues associated with the creek and develop a long term  strategy for correcting these concerns. The One Mile Creek Watershed Plan was conducted by Aquafor Beech Ltd. & LURA Consulting Ltd. for NPCA and was completed in March 2006. Copies were given to NOTL council members and is available in hardcopy format at the Public Library or online at the NPCA website:

The Watershed Plan provides a framework for several of the undertakings to restore One Mile Creek and Lansdowne Pond and provides the necessary technical background for various funding projects developed by the FOMC and the NPCA.

An implementation committee made up of the Chautauqua Residents Group, FOMC, Niagara Parks Commission, NPCA, Parks Canada, Region of Niagara and the Town of NOTL was formed to discuss items such as planning process and study overview, Committee Terms of Reference, William Street Park Study, culvert upgrades, Lansdowne pond study, extraneous flow remedial action plan, combined sewer overflow evaluation and audit by-law.

One Mile Creek Landowner Stewardship Guide

FOMC initiated the idea to create a comprehensive Stewardship Guide to educate and inform  landowners along the One Mile Creek as well as other members of the community. For those living along the creek, this guide provides an invaluable resource in terms of learning what landowners (like you) can do to protect the water quality within One Mile Creek and the habitat surrounding it.

With the generous help of the NPCA, the Landowner Stewardship Guides were completed and hand delivered to landowners (who were home) within a 30 meter buffer zone of the One Mile Creek. Additional mail-outs were sent to landowners within the watershed of One Mile Creek, as well as more hand deliveries by FOMC volunteers. The Stewardship Guide is also available online on NPCA’s website:



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